Literary periods :-

  • renaissance literary
  • the enlightenment
  • romanticism
  • transcendentalism
  • Victoria literature
  • realism
  • naturalism
  • modernism
  • Bloomsbury group
  • existentialism
  • beat generation

Literature modernism :-

Literary modernism, or modernist literature has its original in the late 19th and 20th centuries, mainly in Europe and North America, and is characterized by very self conscious break with traditional way of writing, in both poetry and prose fiction.

Romanticism was an artistic, literary musical and intelligent movenment that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18tn century, and in most areas was at peak in the appropriate period from 1800to 1850.

Realism literary :-

Realism an elastic ambiguous term with two meaning.
First it refers generally to any artistic manner, unclouded by false ideas, I literary convention ,or misplaced aesthetic glorification and beautiful of the world.

The Age of Shakespeare (1558-1625):

The Elizabethan age in history is called the age of Shakespeare in English literature. it is also called the age of Renaissance. What is called the golden age of English history as well as in the history of English literature. Is rebirth of revival of classical Greek and Latin art and literature and culture.

Great an Italian models to be imitated in England. The general atmosphere in the elizabethan age was charged with the spirit of Renaissance. It was also an age of new discoveries and Exploration of New lands.

Major authors age of Shakespeare:

  • Edmund spenser the farrie queene.
  • Philip Sidney Arcadia.
  • Ben Johnson the devil as an ass.

The neoclassical age :

the 18th century in English literature is called the augustan age or new classical age it is also called the age of Pope and the age of Johnson. English poets and critic of 18 century fat honoured in imitating the Greek and Latin poets dramatist and critic of the augustan age so they were called new classicists.

The satires are social political and personal is the important feature of poetry of this period. major authors of this period: 1. Alexander Pope; The Rape of the Lock.

The romantic age:

the age of Wordsworth is the age of Romantic Triump in literature. Wordsworth and coleridge were the famous poets of the early 19th century. There was a reaction against hope and the Augustan school was everywhere visible. ?

The Victorian Age:

Age of Tennyson corresponds with the Victorian age in history. Age of Tennyson was the age of progress in Science and democracy. There was also a conflict between religion and Science.

There was a spirit of enquiry and criticism. The thirst for knowledge and new discoveries and inventions are the chief characteristics of the literature of the Victorian era.


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