Verb: A verb is a word which denotes a state, process, an action. Classification of verbs: 1 main verb 2 helping / auxiliary verb.

Auxiliaries is the another name used for helping verbs. It is widely used in English language. And it is one of the most important part of English Language and Grammar.

Actually verbs are the most important part of English grammar and language. The verb plays the most important role in a sentence.


  • they have won the match.
  • She can speak English well.

Hindi sentences have and can help to main verbs to form their tense and mood, so these verbs are called auxiliary or helping verbs.

The verbs have been divided into two parts –

1. Helping verb
2. Main Verb


The HELPING VERBS has been divided into two parts

1. Primary Auxiliaries

Example- Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Do, Does etc.

  • They will go.
  • We shall go.

2. Modal Auxiliaries

Example- Can, could, will, would, may, might, shall etc.

  • I will kill you.
  • You shall not disturb me again.

Auxiliary verbs in English, there are total 24 in number. Modal verbs 13 are can , could, may ,might shall ,should ,will would, ought to, must, used to, need , dare.

AUXILIARY VERBS and the TENSES in which they are used.

  1. Do, Does ( Present Indefinite Tense)
  2. Did ( Past Indefinite Tense)
  3. Is, Am, Are (Present Continuous Tense)
  4. Was, Were ( Past Continuous Tense)
  5. Has, Have ( Present Perfect Tense)
  6. Had ( Past Perfect Tense)
  7. Will, Shall (Future Indefinite Tense)
  8. Has been, Have been ( Present Perfect Continuous Tense)
  9. Had been ( Past Perfect Continuous Tense)
  10. Will be, Shall be ( future continuous tense)
  11. Will have, Shall have (Future Perfect Tense)
  12. Will have been, Shall have been (Future Perfect Continuous Tense)

Importance of Primary Auxiliary Verbs

Primary auxiliary verbs play a very important role in tense

किसी वाक्य में Auxiliary verb को बदल देने पर “form of main verb” और “tense” भी बदल जाते हैं
Look at the following sentence

 I am eating a mango.

उपरोक्त वाक्य में Auxiliary verb am है और main verb ING form में है  यदि Auxiliary verb am को बदल कर have कर दिया जाए तो ING form भी third form में बदल जाएगा ।

( निम्नलिखित वाक्य को देखिए )

I have eaten a mango.

इसी प्रकार से सहायक क्रिया am में परिवर्तन करके हम निम्न प्रकार के बहुत से वाक्य बना सकते हैं – –

  • I will eat a mango.
  • I ate a mango. (Aux.verb Did)
  • I will be eating a mango.
  • I will have been eating a mango for two minutes.


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15. Anita ....... speak fluent Hindi even in the age of eight.

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16. All the living beings( elephant,ant, birds, cattle, horse, man etc) ...... die.

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17. "Will, Shall and Must are the Modal Auxiliary verbs." What is the helping verb in this sentence

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18. English ....... Spoken all over the world.

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19. To change an Affirmative sentence Into a negative sentence we put the word "NOT "

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20. "The guests had had dinner." In this sentence what are the functions of both the words "HAD" respectively

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Q.21 This Mahesh's car

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Q. 22 A student..... obey his master

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Q. 23 Soldiers .......obey orders without questions

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Q. 24 everyone... . grow old

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