SENTENCE PATTERN means the varieties of sentences. A sentence may have various parts. And those parts can make different SENTENCE PATTERNS

हर भाषा की एक मूल वाक्य संरचना (Basic Sentence Structure) होती है जैसे हिंदी की मूल वाक्य संरचना है –

“Subject + Object + Verb”
कर्ता + कर्म + क्रिया

इसका अर्थ यह है कि हिंदी के सामान्य वाक्यों में सबसे पहले कर्ता आती है उसके बाद कर्म और फिर क्रिया आते हैं।

Example- राम ने रावण को मारा।

उसी प्रकार से इंग्लिश की मूल वाक्य संरचना है –

Subject + Verb + Object
कर्ता + क्रिया + कर्म

मतलब इंग्लिश के सामान्य वाक्यों में सबसे पहले कर्ता आती है उसके बाद क्रिया और फिर कर्म आते हैं।

Example- Ram killed Ravan.

Some Basic Sentence Patterns are

1. Sub + Verb

Example –

  • Anjali sings.
  • My brother reads.
  • His friend dances.

2. Sub + Verb + Obj


  • Ram killed Ravan.
  • The guests have taken food.
  • Suraj had passed the exam.

3. Sub + Verb + Adj


  • The children are happy.
  • They were disappointed.
  • A train runs fast.

4. Sub + Verb +Obj1 + Obj2


  • Gautam Sir teaches us English.
  • My mother made me tea.

5. Verb + Obj


  • Post the letter.
  • Read this story book.
  • Write an application.


1. Sub + Verb + Direct Object


  • I know his address.
  • You should help the poor.
  • The boy lost his pen.

2. Sub + Verb + Sub Complement


  • This is a pen.
  • His brother became a soldier.
  • The milk has turned sour.

3. Subject + Verb + Noun/Pronoun + Adjective


  • The boy pushed the door open.
  • You have made your shirt dirty
  • We found the box empty.

4. Subject + Verb + Infinitive


  • He wants to go.
  • He fears to speak in public
  • I forgot to post the letter.
  • Mohan decided not to go there.

5. Subject + Verb + Gerund


  • he began singing.
  • He has finished talking.
  • My brother enjoys dancing.


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