Clause analysis in term of spoca.

S, o ,p (v), c, a
S- subject,
o- object
V_ verb,
c – compliment ,
a – adjunct

A sentence consists of :

  • a subject and
  • a verb

And perhaps other elements following the verb. if other elements are necessary to complete the structure of the sentence, they are called complements. ( including objects)

and if they are optional extras, giving circumstantial detail, they are also called adjuncts.

Clause Analysis

The meaning of Clause Analysis is to break up the given sentence into its several clauses and show their relation to one another.

Analysis of Complex Sentences

Sentence A

I think that he destroyed the letter which you sent there.


1. I think…. (Principal Clause)

2. That he destroyed the letter….. (Noun Clause, object of think in 1)

3. Which you sent there…. (Adjective Clause, subordinate to 2, qualifying letter)

Sentence B

He replied that he worked whenever he liked.


1. He replied… (Principal Clause)

2. That he worked…. (Noun Clause, object of replied in 1)

3. Whenever he liked…. (Adverb Clause, subordinate to 2, modifying worked)


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