Determiner is a word that comes before a noun and limits it’s meaning.

The most common determiner s are…
1.articles- a, an, the
2-demonstrative adjective-this ,that,these ,those
3- possessive adjective- my,our,your,his,her,its and their
4- adjective of quantity and number- some,any,much,many,all,both,few,little,each,every,either,neither,one, two,first, second etc

Some Notes on Quantifiers

Just like articles, quantifiers are words that precede and modify nouns.

They tell us how much or how many. Choosing the correct quantifier depends upon your understanding of the difference between countable and uncountable nouns.

Quantifiers that can be used with countable nouns are: many, few, a few, several, a couple of, none

Many students

Few children

A few girls

Several children

A couple of days

None of the boys

The following quantifiers are used with non-countable nouns: much, little, a bit of, a good deal of, great deal of, no

Not much writing

A bit of writing

A little writing

A good deal of writing

A great deal of writing

Some quantifiers can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. Examples are: some, all, most, enough, a lot of, lots of, plenty of, a lack of

In formal academic writing, avoid phrases such as a lot of, lots of and plenty of. Instead, you can use much and many.

There is an important difference between a little and little and between a few and few.

Consider the examples given below.

Merlin has a little experience in graphics designing. (= Merlin is no expert graphics designer; however, she does have some experience in graphics designing and that should be enough for our purposes.

Merlin has little experience in graphics designing. (= Merlin doesn’t have enough experience. We had better find somebody else.)

My sister has written a few books on child psychology. (= She has written some books – not a lot of books)

I have read few books on Indian mythology. (= I haven’t read enough books on Indian mythology.)


Uncomparable adjectives describe absolute states or conditions. Modifiers like more and less do not apply to them, and they don’t have comparative and superlative forms. Here are some of the most common uncomparable adjectives:

  • absolute
  • adequate
  • chief
  • complete
  • devoid
  • entire
  • false
  • fatal
  • favorite
  • final
  • fundamental
  • ideal
  • impossible
  • inevitable
  • infinite
  • irrevocable
  • main
  • meaningless
  • only
  • paramount
  • perfect
  • perpetual
  • possible
  • preferable
  • pregnant
  • primary
  • principal
  • singular
  • stationary
  • sufficient
  • unanimous
  • unavoidable
  • unbroken
  • uniform
  • unique
  • universal
  • void
  • whole
  • worthless

These incomparable adjectives can’t take the -er and –est forms that comparable adjectives take.


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No of Question – 20


Find the error 1. (a) I Prefer (b) coffee (c) than tea. (d) No error

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Q.1 prefer, preferable, elder, younger, senior, junior ke sath 'than' nahi 'to' use hota he

2. (a) I will (b) see you (c) latter. (d) No error

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Q.2 latter means: baad wala and later means: baad me. Yaha 'latter' ki jagah 'later' use hoga

3. (a) He is as wise if not (b) wiser than (c) his brother (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.3. Positive degree '' ya '' ke beech place ki jaati he. Is question me 'as wise' ke baad 'as' missing he

4. (a) The population of Kolkata (b) is more (c)than Delhi. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.4 population of Kolkata is more than :that of: Delhi. ' that of ' ke bina ye sentence incomplete he.

5. (a) She is (b) wiser (c) than beautiful. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.5 jab ek hi subject ke liye 2 adj. use kiye Jaye ya do qualities mention ki Jaye to dono hamesha positive degree me rahegi aur unme se jo zyada ho uske pehle more ka use hoga. She is more wise than beautiful.

6. (a) We can decide it (b) only after (c) farther investigation (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.6 'farther' and 'further' me confusion rehta he. Farther, distance se related he doori batata he aur further ka Matlab aur aage ka. We can decide it only after further investigation.

7. (a) Gandhiji had (b) the most unique (c)personality (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.7 unique, top, peak, ultimate, apne aap me superlative ke taur pe use kiye jaate he Inke pehle more ya most use nahi hota

8. (a) Satyajit Ray was (b) one of India’s most (c) talented film maker. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.8 one of the, none of the, some of the, Is tarah ke determines ke baad hamesha plural noun ya pronoun ata he Last word 'maker" ki jagah makers hoga

9. (a) Radha Krishanan was (b) the most ideal (c) teacher (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Q.9 same as the description of Q.7 Ideal Bhi unme ek word he

10. (a) I came (b) latter (c) than you. (d) No error

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Q.10 same as q.2

11. (a) Mohan is (b) more clever (c) than you. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Mohan is cleverer than you.

12. (a) Karina is (b) as taller as (c) her sister. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Karina is as tall as her sister.

13. (a) The scenery of Kashmir (b) is more beautiful (c) than Shimla. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

The scenery of Kashmir is more beautiful than that of Shimla.

14. (a) The cows of Haryana (b) are better (c) than rajasthan. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

The cows of Haryana are better than those of Rajasthan.

15. (a) An elephant (b) is more stronger (c) than a horse. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

An elephant is stronger than a horse.

16. (a) She is (b) my (c) oldest sister. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

She is my elder sister.

17. (a) Milk is (b) more preferable (c) to meat. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

Milk is preferable to meat.

18. (a) It is (b) hotter (c) today than yesterday. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

No error

19. (a) He is (b) my the (c) best friend. (d) No error

Correct! Wrong!

He is my best friend.

20. (a) He is (b)senior to (c) me. (d) no error Key

Correct! Wrong!

No eror

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