Q.1 she talks as if she…… mad
A. Is
B. Was
C. Were ✔
D. Had
E. Has been

Q.2 I order her about as if she … my wife
A. Is
B. Was
C. Had
D. Were ✔
E. Will be

Q.3 I ……many countries before I returned from England
A. Saw
B. Have seen
C. Had seen ✔
D. Has been seeing
E. Would have seen

Q.4 I …….the newspaper when Satish came
A. is reading
B. read
C. has read
D. was reading ✔
E. has been reading

Q.5 Mr Sinha helped us more than he ……his own students
A. helped
B. has helped
C. helps ✔
D. is helping
E. had helped

Q.6 they worked hard least they…….. in the examination
A. will fail
B. failed
C. should fail ✔
D. fail
E. must have failed

Q.7 I shall tell when she…. out for a walk every morning
A. went
B. goes ✔
C. had gone
D. has gone
E. will go

Q.8 she told her mother. That Sonam…… her there the previous day
A. met
B. meets
C. Had met ✔
D. would meet
E. have had met

Q.9 the principal …….The peon to let the girl come in
A. said to
B. has said
C. ordered to
D. ordered ✔
E. Says

Q.10 Sushma said that she…….. finished her work by 10:00 a.m.
A. will have
B. has
C. had
D. would has
E. would have ✔

Q.11 her mother told him that the sun… in the East
A. rose
B. is rising
C. will rise
D. rises ✔
E. have risen

Q.12 I asked Babita if Savitri ………already been married
A. has
B. have
C. had
D. would have ✔
E. will have

13. If they …… early, they would have caught the train
A left
B. Have left
C. Had left ✔
D. would have left
E. leave

Q.14 she ……in Calcutta for three years before the year 1992
A. Was living
B. Has been living
C. Would have been living
D. Had been ✔
E. Is living


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