Q.1 A committee was formed to look ……..the memorial
A. at
B. after✔
C. for
D. like
E. over

Q.2 Rapid technological progress does not create tension…… workers
A. among✔
B. within
C. between
D. to
E. for

Q.3 one of of the committee members brought……. an interesting question
A. up
B. forward✔
C. with
D. about
E. against

Q.4 there are certain animals which can live both …..water and …
A. in,the
B. without, also
C. under, the
D. in, on ✔
E. into, the

Q.5 The great scientist conducted himself with ability and moderation…… all the conference
A. in
B. besides
C. about
D. To
E. through✔

Q.6 in that country, Bureaucracy is perceived as a group of men and women that had arrived to itself power………. responsibility
A. without✔
B. within
C. into
D. unto
E. for

Q.7 all the employees in the company are entitled…….. reimbursement of medical expenses
A. of
B. for
C. on
D. to✔
E. with

Q.8 he is Greater authority…… Indian history and nobody can challenge him in respect of what he has said
A. on✔
B. of
C. in
D. about

Q.9 Sudheer is dead but his music lives….
A. on✔
B. by
C. through
D. for

Q.10 I was completely…….. the dark about their love affair
A. out
B. within
C. inside
D. in ✔


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