Q.1 his answer usually were whatever came ……His Head First
A. into
B. out
C. by
D. of ✔
E. through

Q.2 ……… the advice of his doctor Mr Pride went on smoking cigarettes until the day he died
A. inspite
B. despite ✔
C. before
D. with
E. respite

Q.3 paper airplanes really fly ……..more than 5 minutes
A. of
B. for ✔
C. about
D. in
E. by

Q.4 there is no substitute…… meticulous care in setting ……training rooms for seminar
A. for, up ✔
B. to, up
C. for,for
D. of, down
E. from, in

Q.5 you cannot hold me responsible…….. his actions
A. for ✔
B. of
C. to
D. by

Q.6 let us sit …..the table and sort out our differences
A. at
B. around ✔
C. about
D. across

Q. 7 he reprimanded me…… neglecting my duty
A. of
B. from
C. for ✔
D. on

Q.8 it rained so heavily that in a short time the entire village was inundated …… .water
A. by
B. with ✔
C. to
D. from
E. through

Q.9 he is blind …..his own fault
A. with
B. to ✔
C. of
D. for

Q.10 he sat…… the table to have fag
A. on ✔
B. beside
C. at
D. by


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