Voice ( Active voice & Passive Voice )

Q.1 did he do this work ?
Ans.was this work done by him.

Q.2 has he helped you?
Ans.have you been helped by him.

Q.3 who has done this work ?
Ans.by whom has this work been done.

Q.4 bring a glass of water.
Ans.let a glass of water be brought.

Q.5 obey your teacher.
Ans.your teacher should be obeyed.

Q.6 please come here.
Ans.you are requested to come here.

Q.7 the syce feeds the horse everyday.
Ans.the horse is fed by syce everyday.

Q.8 they invited us into their house.
Ans.we were invited by them into there house.

Q.9 the officers signed the order at once.
Ans.the order was signed by the officer at once

Q.10 let this work be done.
Ans.do this work.

Q.11 he fixed a new mark on the wall
Ans. A new mark was fixed on the wall by him

Q.12 the soldiers took her to the camp
Ans. She was taken to the camp by the soldiers

Q.13 why does your father always beat you
Ans. Why are you always beaten by your father

Q.14 the book has interested me very much
Ans. I have been very much interested in this book

Q.15 we solved the problem by carefully examining available records
Ans. The problem Was solved by us by carefully examining available records

Q.16 they have called ten applicants for the interviews
Ans. ten applicants have been called for the interview by them

Q.17 I know that Mr Rohit is innocent
Ans. It is known to me that Mr Rohit is innocent

Q.18 the master turned out the servent
Ans. The servant was turned out by the master

Q.19 Jyoti has done a Peculiar role in building my life
Ans. A Peculiar role has been done by Jyoti in building my life

Q.20 he is doing his graduation from JNU New Delhi
Ans. His graduation is being done by him from JNU New Delhi

Q.21 bharat has got his schooling from HD Jain School Delhi
Ans. His schooling has been done by him from HD Jain School Delhi

Q.22 professor Sinha loves and teaches the students properly
Ans. The students are loved and taught properly by professor Sinha

Q.23 the Indians could expel the English
Ans. The English could be expelled by the Indians


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