Q.1 It is the time, he…… ready for school.
A. got
B. is eating
C. gets ✅
D. had got

Q.2 A mother …….her children to prosper
A. wants ✅
B. is wanting
C. Wanted
D. want

Q.3 ……. you….. at this time
A. is working
B. are working ✅
C. has been working
D. do work

Q.4 We have…….. in Ajmer for 20 years
A. live
B. lived ✅
C. living
D. none of these

Q.5 I ……an essay for half an hour
A. has been writing
B. am writing
C. have been writing ✅
D. write

Q.6 The thief ……the police and ran away
A. see
B. had seen
C. saw ✅
D. was seen

Q.7 I …….him few days back
A. meet
B. is meet
C. met ✅
D. has been meet

Q.8 He……. Hindi at that time yesterday
A. reading
B. read
C. was reading ✅
D. has read

Q.9 The train…… before I reached the station
A. left
B. had left ✅
C. will leave
D. has left

Q.10 She…… for 5 year when I joined the school
A. teach
B. was teaching
C. had been teaching ✅
D. taught

Q.11 My brother …..a new dress next month
A. shall buy ✅
B. will buy
C. buy
D. bought

Q.12 Usa …..in college in these days next year
A. study
B. is studying
C. will be studying ✅
D. studies

Q.13 We …… home before he leaves
A. shall have been reached
B. shall have reached
C. will have reached ✅
D. none of these

Q.14 By next month he ….. ruling the country for 5 year
A. will be
B. has been
C. will have been ✅
D. had been


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