Punctuation –

Punctuation –  Punctuation Definition – Punctuation is the name for marks used in writing. They help us to understand the sentences and passages. Punctuation Importance When we speak, we can pause or emphasize certain words and phrases to help people […]


VERB –  Definition – A verb is a word used to tell or assert something about some person or thing. Verbs are words that show action or state of being. There are three major categories of verbs. Kinds of Verb […]

Adverb –

Adverb –  Adverb is the part of speech that provide additional information about some verb, I adjective or some other adverb. Just like an adjective some noun or pronoun, an adverb describes some verb, I adjective or some other adverb. […]

Direct and Indirect Speech Part 2

Direct and Indirect Speech Part 2 Rules for changing Direct Speech into Indirect Speech –  The basic rules… 1. Comma and inverted commas will be removed. 2.The conjunction “that” will not be used in Indirect Speech (in question sentence). The […]


COMPLEX SENTENCE Simple Sentence A simple sentence is one independent clause that has a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought.? Notice that there are some important requirements for a simple sentence: Must have a subject and a […]

Noun Part 2

Noun Part 2 VERBS to NOUN  Read  –   Reader Write  –  Writer Run  –  Runner Sell   –  Seller Speak   – Speaker Kill  –   Killer Think   –  Thinker Mix  –   Mixer Sing   –  Singer Play   –  Player Call  –  Caller Follow  […]


ADJECTIVE –  An ADJECTIVE is a Qualifying Word that qualifies a NOUN or a PRONOUN. एडजेक्टिव वे शब्द है जो संज्ञा या सर्वनाम की विशेषता बताते हैं । ये किसी वाक्य में संज्ञा के पहले या बाद में आ सकते […]