In this English Grammar: Future Tenses Exercises, we have covered the most important and previous exams questions. By participating in it you can get good marks in the exam.

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Instructions of Future Tenses Exercises Test

  1. Carefully read and answer all the questions related to Noun.
  2. Start the test by clicking on BEGIN below
  3. Number of Questions – 10
  4. There will be 60 seconds to solve each question and 10 minutes for the entire test, so be careful with the timing.

English grammar test

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 600 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


Q.1 I ......... this story by Monday.

Correct! Wrong!

Q.2 Man .........The Mars by the end of this story.

Correct! Wrong!

Q.3 I....... as a principal since 2018.

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Q.4 They........ for an hour.

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Q.5 I ........ my exercise by then.

Correct! Wrong!

Q.6 my mother ....... Breakfast for us before the guest arrives.(prepare)

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Q. 7 by tomorrow she ... Her sums for ten days. (Do)

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Q. 8 by the end of this week, I .........Music for six months.(learn)

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Q. 9 by the next Monday I ..........At my uncle's house for two weeks.(stay)

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Q. 10 when he arrives here,they.......Since 3 o' clock.(play)

Correct! Wrong!

Future Perfect and Perfect Continues Tense Quiz
BAD! You got Few answers correct! need hard work
GOOD! You well tried but got some wrong! need more preparation
VERY GOOD! You well tried but got some wrong! need preparation
AWESOME! You got the quiz correct! KEEP IT UP

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