Joining Sentence

Combining the Sentences

Combining the sentences is a necessary part of fluent communication in the English Language. Conjunctions are the words which are used to connect the sentences.

Some popular conjunctions often used to connect the sentences are –

and, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet

Each expresses something different senses so we should use these carefully.

“And” means also or in addition.


Rohan went to the store.
Moti went to the store, too.

We can connect these sentences and like

“Rohan and Moti went to the store.”

“But” expresses an opposite or different point of view.


It was a good idea.
It was a dangerous idea.

Both the sentences can be connected as

“It was a good but dangerous idea.”

“For” expresses causation or result.


They went upstairs.
They did this because it was bedtime.

By connecting these two sentences we get

They went upstairs, for it was bedtime.

“Or” reflects an additional point of view—the presence of choice.


The cat is upstairs.
It might also be in the garage.

we can connect the above two sentences like

The cat is upstairs or in the garage.

Nor means an additional negative idea.


She doesn’t like school.
She also doesn’t like being at home.

The above sentences can be connected as

She likes neither school nor home.


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प्रश्न=1-.......... I have no money , I cannot buy the book.

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प्रश्न=2- no sooner did he open the book......... The light went out. ?

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प्रश्न=3- he requested me......... Wait for him until he returned. ?

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Q. 4 This is my friend. his name is Mahesh.

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Q.5 he jumped up. he ran away.

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Q. 6 he is very ill. he cannot Run

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Q. 7 Make haste . You will be late

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Q.8 he is a cheat. he is a rogue.

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Q. 9 Dinesh lunatic he is a knave

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Q. 10 he was a poor farmer. we helped him

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