Q.1 One who is well versed in the science of female ailments
A. cardiologist
B. surgeon
C. gynecologist ✔
D. Sergeant
E. absolute

Q.2 Without payment or free of cost
A. insolvency
B. worthless
C. gratis ✔
D. fanatic
E. Warrior

Q.3 One who does good to one’s fellow men
A. philologist
B. philistine
C. opaque
D. philanthropist ✔
E. infallible

Q.4 A name assued by a writer of a false name
A. lie
B. portable
C. anonyms
D. pseudonym ✔
E. eligible

Q.5 A man having no hair on the scalp
A. hoary
B. naked
C. gaudy
D. portrait
E. bald ✔

Q.6 One who is hard to please
A. fatal
B. epicurean
C. eccentric
D. fanatic
E. fastidious✔

Q.7 The act or practice of walking in sleep
A. somnambulism ✔
B. sadist
C. soliloquy
D. stoic
E. fault

Q.8 A an office for which no salary is paid
A. amateur
B. hospitable
C. extravagant
D. honorary ✔
E. begot

Q.9 Incapable of being effaced or cancelled
A. inexorable
B. infallible
C. indelible ✔
D. inexplicable
E. lazy

Q.10 A handwriting which cannot be easily read
A. eligible
B. fault
C. elligible
D. illegible ✔
E. Saint


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