Q.1 Golu was a hater of learning and knowledge
A. misogynist ✔
B. Bibliophile
C. misogynist
D. misanthropist

Q.2 words used in ancient times but no longer in general use now
A. extinct
B. ancient
C. archaic ✔
D. antiquate

Q.3 a sea abounding in islands
A. ocean
B. Strait
C. Gulf
D. archipelago ✔

Q.4 that which cannot be understood
A. unknown
B. eligible
C. unintelligible ✔
D. undecipherable

Q.5 a short walk for pressure or exercise
A. Promenade
B. gallop
C. stroll ✔
D. jog

Q.6 one who travel travels from place to place
A. Tramp
B. mendicant
C. journeyman
D. itinerant ✔

Q.7 a cure for all disease
A. Panacea ✔
B. antibiotic
C. incantation
D. exorcism

Q.8 one who eats everything
A. omnipotent
B. insolvent
C. omnivorous ✔
D. Omniscient

Q.9 story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth
A. didactic
B. paradigm
C. paragon
D. parable✔

Q.10 word for word reproduction
A. verbation ✔
B. photostat
C. mugging
D. copying


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