Q.1 To end an unwanted person out of the country
A. ostracise
B. deport ✔
C. expatriate
D. exclude

Q.2 A government run by a director
A. democracy
B. autocracy ✔
C. oligarchy
D. theocracy

Q.3 One who is determined to exact full Vengeance for wrong done to him
A. vindictive ✔
B. virulent
C. vindicator
D. usurer

Q.4 Murder of a brother
A. patricide
B. regicide
C. fratricide ✔
D. Homicide

Q.5 A person living permanently in a certain place
A. native
B. resident
C. subject
D. domicile ✔

Q.6 To slap with a flat object
A. gnaw
B. chop
C. Seat ✔
D. Hee

Q.7 Person who believes that god is everything and everything is God
A. theist
B. pantheist ✔
C. agnostic
D. pantechnicon

Q 8 Simplest and smallest form of plant life, present in air, water and soil, essential to life but may cause disease
A. virtur
B. amoeba
C. toxin
D. bacteria ✔

Q.9 Relationship by blood of birth
A. affiliation
B. Nepotism
C. parentage
D. consanguinity ✔

Q.10 Walking in sleep
A. obsession
B. somniloquism
C. hallucination
D. somnambulism ✔


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