Q.1 That which is outdated or out of use
A. ancient
B. stable
C. Obsolete ✔
D. absolute
E. none

Q.2 A person who hates women
A. innocuous
B. matricid
C. matriculous
D. misogynist ✔
E. house

Q.3 One who fights for the sake of money
A. amateur
B. mercenary ✔
C. patriot
D. Warrior
E. Panacea

Q.4 That which cannot be conquered or defeated
A. insoluble
B. incredible
C. inimitable
D. invincible ✔
E. cliche

Q 5 One who flirts with ladies
A. posthumous
B. Solemn
C. sacriledge
D. sinecure
E. Philander ✔

Q.6 The violation or profaning of sacred things
A. Solemn
B. sinecure
C. unanimous
D. Sacrilege ✔
E. lustrous

Q.7 A decision taken by the votes of all
A. cliche
B. democracy ✔
C. posthumous
D. turn coat
E. solemn

Q.8 A piece of writing full of words, more than required
A. manuscript
B. verbose ✔
C. scanty
D. bigmancy
E. ambiguity

Q.9 The state of being unmarried
A. dilettante
B. bigmay
C. celibate
D. Celibacy ✔
E. bigot

Q.10 A supporter of the cause of women
A. feminist ✔
B. colleague
C. extempore
D. womanish
E. stoic


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