(Apoorn Bhootkaal)

यह Tense भूतकाल में क्रिया के जारी रहने को दर्शाता है।

Only ing form of verb is used in this tense.


The person was smoking.
The teachers were teaching their topics.
Sudha was writing a story.

Pehchan- raha tha, rahi thi, rahe the
auxiliary verb- was and were
main verb– ING form

H.V.- was/were, Verb- v 1 + ing

वह कपड़े धो रही थी
She was washing clothes.

Is tense ka prayog bhootkaal me kisi Samay wishes main ho Rahe Karya ko batane ke liye kya jata hai. is tense se bhootkaal me Kisi Kriya ke Jaari hone jankari milti hai.  is tense ka prayog nimna Prakar se Kiya jata hai

Aspect – Progressive

Progressive means Non Completion So it means that this tense shows the Non Completion of an action. We use the Past Continuous Tense to describe an on going action in the past time.


At that time, at that moment, that evening , that morning etc.
+ While and When Condition

Helping Verb/Operator/Auxiliary Verb :- Was & Were
Main Verb:- Present Participle (v1+ing)

 Sometimes this tense is also used with past indefinite. e.g. :-

  • We were ironing the clothes at that time.
  • Chhotu was going to market that morning.
  • When the bell rang I was studying in my room.
  • The power went off while I was watching TV.

USES of Past Continuous Tense

(A ) daily life mein

  • I was going to school.
  • he was watching a film.
  • my moher was cooking food.
  • Smita was doing her homework.
  • the thief was standing in the corner

(B) in the stories
examples –

  • the Otter was catching fish.
  • Tenali Raman was going to the Darbar.
  • the thug was trying to cheat the persons.
  • The Hunter was chasing the deer.
  • the saint was preaching.

(C ) daily life mein –

  • the policeman were following the thief.
  • the Joker was wearing a very funny dress.
  • my friend was singing a folk song. the teacher was explaining the topic “narration”.
  • Ranveer was anchoring in the cultural programme

Past Indefinite tense and Past Continuous tense together

A – in narration

  • she said to me,” I was doing my homework.”
  • Leena said to Tina,” my grandmother was telling me a story.”

(B) I found my old socks when I was cleaning my room.
the ball fell into the well when the children were playing in the field.
Deva called his friend when he was watching a film.

(C) Ramesh was working when Suraj called him.
The children were making a noise when the teacher entered the classroom.

Supply the correct past tense of the verbs in brackets:

1. The rain __ when she __ to see me . (stop,come)

2. I __ my work when Raman ___ to see her. (Finish,come)

3. The patient __ before the doctor ___.(die,arrive)

4. The train__ before we ___ the station . (leave, reach)

5. He _ for a walk after he __ his dinner.(go,eat)

6. The sun__ before we set out.(rise)

7. He died after he _ ill for a long time. (be)

8. My daughter__ all the fruit before I _ back .( eat, get)

9. My father _ to see me only a month ago. (Come)

10. They __ home after they _ their work.(go, finish )

Answer Key

1. Had stopped , came
2. Had finished , came
3. Had died, arrived
4. Had left ,reached
5. Went,had eaten
6. Had risen
7. Had been
8. Had eaten, got
9. Came
10. Went, had finished



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