It is used to denote an ongoing action with continued for sometime in past .

यह Tense भूतकाल में क्रिया का कुछ भाग पूर्ण तथा कुछ भाग शेष होने की जानकारी देता है। समय का भी उल्लेख किया जाता है।

Only ing form of verb is used in this tense.


Rathor sir had been teaching in that school for fifteen years.
My friend had been waiting for me since morning.

H.V.- Had + been, Verb- v1 + ing

वह 4 घंटे से पढ़ा रही थी
She had been teaching for 4 hours.

Sentence formation –

here auxiliary verb ‘ had been’ and present participle ‘ ‘ ING ‘and also used for/ since.

Positive sentence:- I had been waiting for him for 2 hours.
Negative :- I had not been waiting for him for 2 hours
Interrogative :- had I been waiting for him for 2 hours?

Past perfect continuous tense Mein auxiliary verb “had been” ka use Kiya jata hai Chahe subject Kisi bhi number ya Kisi bhi person mein ho.
for example

  • his parents had been waiting for him since morning.
  • Meenu had been living in Mumbai for 10 years.
  • Rizwan had been going to the coaching class for 3 months.


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