The past perfect tense is used to show that something happened before another action in the past. It can also be used to show that something happened before a specific time in the past.

यह Tense भूतकाल में क्रिया के पूर्ण हो चुके होने को बताता है।

Only 3rd form of verb is used in this tense.


I had already seen that movie.
The students had submitted their project files.
The cook had cooked the food.

In indicates an action with tool place long back and before occurrence of another action.

Example- I had lived in America.

H.V.- had, Verb- v3

वह खाना खा चुका था
He had eaten food.

Sentence formation :

In case of past perfect tense auxiliary verb ‘had’ and 3rd form of verb or past participle is used as main verb.

positive tense: he had taken the exam last year.
negative tense: he had not taken the exam last year .
interrogative tense : had he taken the exam last year ?

Past perfect tense me helping verb “had” ka use Kiya jata hai. subject Chahe Kisi bhi person aur Kisi bhi number mein ho.

  • I had completed my work.
  • Shri Ram had left for school.
  • the painter had not painted the house.
  • Rajveer had already seen the Red Fort.



Question -16


1. The thief explained how he...… from the jail.

Correct! Wrong!

2. If we ………… one more batsman in our team, we would have won the match.

Correct! Wrong!

3. They __ waiting for her since morning yesterday.

Correct! Wrong!

4. The train __ before I reached the station.

Correct! Wrong!

5. Ashutosh __ this house for 25 years and had no intention of vacating it.

Correct! Wrong!

6. When he got off the train, he realized that a large gathering of his admirers____ for his arrival for a long time.

Correct! Wrong!

7. They were asked to write a short account of what they ___ .

Correct! Wrong!

8) I had been learning English in this school for 20 days.( this is a example of tense )

Correct! Wrong!

9) she .......... studying in that University since 2008 .

Correct! Wrong!

10) they were....... football since 10 o'clock.

Correct! Wrong!

11) they had been studying for exam...... 3 months

Correct! Wrong!

12) I had been ...... for jobs since December. 2012.

Correct! Wrong!

13.she......(take) food before I.... (leave) the town

Correct! Wrong!

14.Reyansh......(complete) his graduation before I...... (take) admission in college

Correct! Wrong!

15. My mother.... (wash) my T-shirt after I.... (reach) at home.

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16. I ......(Do) the task before she.... (think) about it.

Correct! Wrong!

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