Preposition is one of the eight parts of speech. It plays a very important role in the English language. Without using the Prepositions the language may be very awkward and hard to understand.

Preposition ka matlab Hai sambandh suchak shabd

जैसा कि इसके नाम से ही स्पष्ट है कि यह एक संबंध सूचक शब्द है । यह किन्हीं दो चीजों के मध्य संबंध को व्यक्त करता है । ये दो चीजें निम्न प्रकार से हो सकते हैं –

1. दो संज्ञाएँ (2 nouns )

The book is on the table.
Ram went to school with Shyam.

Note- book, table, Ram and Shyam are nouns.

Book और table के बीच संबंध सूचक शब्द है on
Ram और Shyamके बीच संबंध बताने वाला शब्द है with

2. दो सर्वनाम (2 pronouns )

You were dancing with me.
They quarrel with each other.

Note- you, me, they, each other are pronouns.

You और me में संबंध बताने वाला शब्द है with

they और each other के बीच संबंध सूचक शब्द है with

3. एक संज्ञा और एक सर्वनाम ( 1 noun and 1 pronoun )

Ravi went to Agra with them.
Kabir bought a pen from him.

Note- Ravi (noun )
Them (pronoun )
इन दोनों के बीच संबंध को व्यक्त करने वाला शब्द है with

Kabir (noun )
Him (pronoun )
इन दोनों के मध्य संबंध सूचक शब्द हैं from

4. एक सर्वनाम और एक संज्ञा (1 pronoun and 1 noun )

I am going into the room.
You were standing in front of the temple.

Note- I (pronoun )
Room (noun )
इन दोनों के मध्य संबंध सूचक शब्द हैं into

You (pronoun )
Temple (noun )
इन दोनों में संबंध व्यक्त करने वाला शब्द है in front of

In Prepostion

1. In + Country

In Japan
In America,
In South Korea
In Argentina

2. In + year

In 1950
In 2002
In 1857
In 1747

3. In + big cities

In Newyork
In Chennai,
In hyderabad
In London

4. In + the any place

In the ground
In the school
In the village
In the garden

5. In + the any place (building)

In the room
In the house
In the hospital
In the school
In the palace

6. In + the

In the world
In the sky
In the space
In the station
In the air

7. In + this

In this case
In this message
In this story
In this poem
In this place
In this situation

8. In + that

In that situation
In that person
In that area
In that region
In that state

9. In + some

In some countries
In some books
In some materials
In some animals

10. In + any area

In Taigor Nagar
In Avanti Vihar colony
In Gandhi Chowk
In Vivekanand Ashram

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Q.1 Tom is searching..... his lost pen .

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Q.2 I prefer coffee ......tea.

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Q.3 he jumped............ the river.

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Q.4 I passed my M.A. ...... the age of 20

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Q.5 Vinu is blind eye.

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Q.6 the girls are sitting........ the benches.

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Q.7 she will be admitted to school .........Monday.

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Q.8 he is frim...... his opinion .

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Q.9 the cat jumped .......the table.

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Q.10 I live .....Sikar....... Rajasthan.

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Q.11 what is the time..... your watch ?

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Q.12 she writes.......... ink.

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Q.13 I have no Desire......... wealth .

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Q. 14 she repented...... har folly.

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Q.15 We went to Delhi......... train.

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16. Villagers came to city. .....bus.

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17. Government is building bridge. ....this river.

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18. ...... helping poor,we help students also.

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19. Indian army is known. ...its discipline.

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20. the notice has been sent.....

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21. the robbers killed the money lender .....a knife.

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22. the minister delivered his lecture. ....poverty.

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23. You have to submit this form.......15 days.

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24. the train passed. ....a tunnel.

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25. Are you agree.

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