PRESENT TENSE is one of the three Main TENSES.

Present Simple Tense

Present Tense के वाक्यों को पहचानना बहुत ही आसान है। इस Tense के हिंदी वाक्यों में सबसे अंत में निम्नलिखित प्रकार के शब्द या शब्दांश आते हैं 

ता है, ती है, ता हूँ, ती हूँ, ते हैं
इनसे कार्य की सामान्य जानकारी मिलती है 

This tense is called the PRESENT INDEFINITE TENSE

I write stories.
मैं कहानियां लिखता हूँ।

We use the present simple tense when we want to talk about fixed habits or routines – things that don’t change.
We use the present continuous To talk about actions which are happening at the moment, but will soon finish .

I play tennis. ( Present Simple )

I am playing tennis.  ( Present Continuous) 

(present simple) I play tennis; tells us that playing tennis is something the speaker always does. It is a part of a routine or habit. We can call this a permanent situation.

Subject + verb 1st form + s/es

With the present simple we say :-

I play tennis.
You play tennis.
We play tennis.
They play tennis.

Present simple tense Uses

1 present tense is used for official program and time – tables for

  • example – the college opens on 23rd June.

2. The simple present tense is used for universal truth for

  • example – the sun rises in the East.

3. The simple present tense is also used for scientific fact for

  • example- the water boils at 100*c

4. The simple present tense is used for sports commentary ..for

  • example – b. Kumar bowls to Watson, Watson hits the ball.

but Dhyan Rakhe Agar duration lmba hota h to present continuous tense use hoga for example

  • ball is going towards the boundary.

5. The simple present tense is used for Express a habitual action for example..

  • I get up everyday at 5 o’clock.

6. The simple present tense is also used for external exclamatory sentence beginning with here and there to express what is actually taking place in the present for

  • example- here comes the bus ! There She Goes !

7. It is used to introduce quotation as keats says- a thing of beauty is a joy forever

8. Use instead of the simple future tense in clause of time and condition as I shall wait till you finish your lunch.

Adverbs जिनके साथ हमेशा present indefinite tense use होता हैं

Daily, barely, often, usually,ever, generally, occasionally, seldom, frequently, everyday, every month, every week, every year, all the time….

Habitual actions

Drink, smoke, bath, wash….
Dogs bark….
Use of do/does when emphasis on action
I do this job.

Scientific facts

Water boils at 100 degree centigrade.

Universal truth

The Earth moves around the Sun.

Present Continuous

I am playing tennis ” tells us that the speaker is playing tennis right now. Soon the game will be over. We call this a temporary situation..

रहा है, रही है, रहे हैं

इनसे कार्य के जारी रहने की जानकारी मिलती है

This tense is called the PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE

I am writing stories.
मैं कहानियां लिख रहा हूँ।

With the present continuous we say :

  • I am playing tennis.
  • You are pplaying tennis.
  • We are playing tennis.

Present Continuous is used

1 For an action going at the time of speaking as.She is singing now .

2. For a temporary action which may not be actually happening at the time of speaking as.
I am reading David Copperfield ( but I am not reading at this moment)

3. For an action that has already been arranged to take place in the near future .I am going to the cinema tonight My uncle is arriving tomorrow.

4. Particularly obstinate habit forming Jab Hame Kisi narazgi Ko Darshana Hota Hai present continuous use Karte Hain for example .My dog is very silly he is always running out into the road

5. Important use of present continuous tense. Verb of perception smell notice recognize.verb of appearing, Look, seem.

Inme aap ko Dhyan Rakhna h ki dynamic verbs Mein Hum present continuous tense ka use Karenge aur present continuous ka use un verbs Ke Liye Hota Hai jo voluntary hoti hai for example

she is touching the soup to see if it needs more salt.

She is seeming sad.

Ye galat sentence Hai Hum Kahenge see seems sad Ye correct hai



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