Synonyms and Antonyms


A Synonym is a word that means the same, or almost the same, as another word. 


a synonym is a word or expression which means the same as another word or expression in the same language.


  • Good, Nice, Fine, Well etc are synonyms of one another.
  • Happy, Glad, Gay, Cheerful etc are synonyms of one another.

Note – A word may have more than one synonyms.

A synonym is a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or a phrase. Words that are synonyms are called to be synonymous, and the state of being a synonym is called synonymy.

A THESAURUS is a resource similar to a dictionary that helps writers to search Synonyms and Antonyms.


Come — advance, approach, arrive, near, reach
Go — depart, disappear, fade, move, proceed, recede, travel
Run — dash, escape, elope, flee, hasten, hurry, race, rush, speed, sprint
Hurry — rush, run, speed, race, hasten, urge, accelerate, bustle
Do — execute, enact, carry out, finish, conclude, effect, accomplish
Have — hold, possess, own, contain, acquire, gain, maintain, believe, bear, beget, occupy, absorb, fill, enjoy
Use — employ, utilize, exhaust, spend, expend, consume, exercise
Destroy — ruin, demolish, raze, waste, kill, slay, end, extinguish
Kill — slay, execute, assassinate, murder, destroy, cancel, abolish
Cut — gash, slash, prick, nick, sever, slice, carve, cleave, slit, chop, crop, lop, reduce
Fall — drop, descend, plunge, topple, tumble
Fly — soar, hover, flit, wing, flee, waft, glide, coast, skim, sail, cruise

NOTE – English is Rich in Synonyms because during the centuries it adopted words from foreign languages – most notably French, German and Latin etc.


An Antonym is a word that is the opposite meaning of another. It comes from the Greek words “anti” for opposite and “onym” for name.

Antonym means a word which has the opposite meaning of another word. Antonyms are also called the Opposite Words


  • “Rich” is an antonym of “Poor”
  • “Full” is an antonym of “Empty”
  • good is the opposite of bad.

Note – A word may have more than one Antonyms.

How to make Antonyms

Some prefixes are used to make antonyms of some words Examples-

1. Ir

  • Regular – Irregular
  • Relevant – Irrelevant
  • Reversible – Irreversible

2. Im

  • Mortal – Immortal
  • Mature – Immature
  • Partial – Impartial

3. Il

  • Legal – Illegal
  • Legible – Illegible
  • Literacy – Illiteracy

4. In

  • Visible – Invisible
  • Justice – Injustice
  • Valuable – Invaluable
  • Decent-Indecent
  • Excusable-Inexcusable
  • Tolerant-Intolerant
  • Discreet-Indiscreet
  • Attentive-Inattentive
  • Observant-Inobservant
  • Delicate-Indelicate
  • Offensive-Inoffensive
  • Appropriate-Inappropriate
  • Correct-Incorrect
  • Valid-Invalid
  • Accurate-Inaccurate

5. Dis

  • Loyal – Disloyal
  • Comfort – Discomfort

6. Un

  • Able – Unable
  • Natural – Unnatural
  • Believable – Unbelievable
  • Forgiving-Unforgiving
  • Likely-Unlikely
  • Fortunate-Unfortunate
  • Truth-Untruth
  • Available-Unavailable
  • Handy-Unhandy
  • Limited-Unlimited

7. Mis

  • Fortune – Misfortune
  • Leading – Misleading
  • Guide – Misguide

8. ‘Non’

  • Entity-Nonentity
  • Payment-Nonpayment
  • Conformist-Nonconformist
  • Combatant-Noncombatant
  • Absorbable-Nonabsorbable
  • Attached-Non-attached


  • The Antonym words are Antonyms to one another. ( विलोम शब्द एक दूसरे के विलोम शब्द होते हैं )
  • The synonym words are synonyms to one another. ( समानार्थी शब्द एक-दूसरे के समानार्थी शब्द होते हैं )
  • Synonyms and Antonyms are used by teachers, students, writers, editors, poets, songwriters etc.


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