Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning

Q.1 Abandon
A. Maintain
B. Stay
C. keep
D. desert ✔

Q.2 abdicate
A. retain
B. stay
C. accept
D. quit ✔

Q. 3 abet
A. Hinder
B. Resist
C. Discourage
D. Aid ✔

Q.4 abolish
A. Establish
B. Create
C. Restore
D. Annihilate ✔

Q.5 accede
A. Deny
B. Protest
C. Dissent
D. Assent ✔

Q.6 acrimonious
A. Amicable
B. Smooth
C. Acrid ✔
D. Friendly

Q.7 adulation
A. Obloquy
B. Reprimand
C. Blandishment ✔
D. Rebuke

Q.8 amnesty
A. Condemn
B. Punish
C. Absolution ✔
D. Punishment

Q.9 allow
A. Resist
B. Withold
C. Sanction ✔
D. Deny

Q.10 arid
A. Fresh
B. Juicy
C. Barren ✔
D. Fertile

Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning

Q.11 commemorate
A. remember ✔
B. harmonies
C. boast
D. manipulate

Q.12 Connoiseur
A. interpreter
B. lover of art ✔
C. ignorant
D. delinquent

Q.13 Lethal
A. smooth
B. deadly ✔
C. sluggish
D. unlawful

Q.14 nebulous
A. inadequate
B. insignificant
C. vague ✔
D. tiny

Q.15 elicit
A. induce
B. dead
C. insignificant
D. divulge ✔

Q.16 prolific
A. fertile ✔
B. predominant
C. plenty
D. competent

Q.17 exorbitant
A. threatening
B. ridiculous
C. excessive ✔
D. odd

Q.18 diligent
A. energetic
B. intelligent
C. industrious ✔
D. modest

Q.19 admonish
A. reprove ✔
B. praise
C. support
D. appeal

Q.20 bounty
A. pleasure
B. gift ✔
C. donation
D. reward


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