Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning

Q.1 bemoan
A. Bless
B. Rejoice
C. Celebrate
D. Deplore ✔

Q.2 contrive
C.m antle
D.manage ✔

Q. 3 destitution
A. Wealth
B. Stop
C. Impatience
D. Prenury ✔

Q.4 dragmatical
A. Modest
B. Anxiety
C. Confined
D. Fussy ✔

Q.5 foreign
A. Deny
B. Protest
C. Dissent
D. Alien ✔

Q.6 juxtaposition
A. Amicable
B. Smooth
C. Acrid
D. Contact ✔

Q.7 obdurate
A. Obloquy
B. Reprimand
C. Blandishment
D. Hard ✔

Q.8 spirit
A. Condemn
B. Punish
C. Loose
D. Rough ✔

Q.9 yawn
A. Snap
B. Withold
C. Wide ✔
D. Senility

Q.10 zest
A. Climax
B. Apex
C. Gusto ✔
D. Apathy


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