Synonyms Important Exercises for Competition Exams

English Grammar : Synonyms Important Exercises  Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning Q.1 bemoan A. Bless B. Rejoice C. Celebrate D. Deplore ✔ Q.2 contrive A.spoil B.abolish C.m antle D.manage ✔ Q. 3 destitution A. […]

Synonyms Exercises with Answers

English Grammar : Synonyms Exercises with Answers Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning Q.1 Abandon A. Maintain B. Stay C. keep D. desert ✔ Q.2 abdicate A. retain B. stay C. accept D. quit ✔ […]

English Grammar Exercises : 4

English Grammar Exercises : 4 Auxiliary Verbs Fill in the blanks with suitable model auxiliary verbs Q.1 there…… to be some more buses Ans. ought Q.2 he…… buy a coat Ans. could Q.3 he……. pass if he worked hard Ans. […]

English Grammar Exercises : 3

English Grammar Exercises : 3 Q.1 his answer usually were whatever came ……His Head First A. into B. out C. by D. of ✔ E. through Q.2 ……… the advice of his doctor Mr Pride went on smoking cigarettes until […]

English Grammar Exercises : 2

English Grammar Exercises : 2 English grammar tenses exercises Q.1 Sarika said that she would go home…… A. tomorrow B. yesterday C. the previous day D. the next day ✔ E. today Q.2 they told us that man…… a social […]

English Grammar Exercises : 1

English Grammar Exercises : 1 Q.1 she talks as if she…… mad A. Is B. Was C. Were ✔ D. Had E. Has been Q.2 I order her about as if she … my wife A. Is B. Was C. […]

Preposition Questions : 1

English Grammar  – Preposition Questions : 1 Q.1 he was astonished ….. the sad news A. at✔ B. in C. with D. to Q.2 he is confident…… his success A. of✔ B. for C. about D. towards Q.3 exercise is […]