Synonyms Important Exercises for Competition Exams

English Grammar : Synonyms Important Exercises  Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning Q.1 bemoan A. Bless B. Rejoice C. Celebrate D. Deplore ✔ Q.2 contrive A.spoil B.abolish C.m antle D.manage ✔ Q. 3 destitution A. […]

Synonyms Exercises with Answers

English Grammar : Synonyms Exercises with Answers Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning Q.1 Abandon A. Maintain B. Stay C. keep D. desert ✔ Q.2 abdicate A. retain B. stay C. accept D. quit ✔ […]

English Grammar Exercises : 10

English Grammar Exercises : 10 Preposition Q.1 A committee was formed to look ……..the memorial A. at B. after✔ C. for D. like E. over Q.2 Rapid technological progress does not create tension…… workers A. among✔ B. within C. between […]

English Grammar Exercises : 9

English Grammar Exercises : 9 Tense  Q.1 he often…….( get up) in the morning when an alarm clock ……..(ring) A. is get up, rings B. got up, rang C. gets up, rings✔ D. gets up, rang Q.2 his tricks……(amuse) everybody […]

English Grammar Exercises : 8

English Grammar Exercises : 8 Tense Q.1 It is the time, he…… ready for school. A. got B. is eating C. gets ✅ D. had got Q.2 A mother …….her children to prosper A. wants ✅ B. is wanting C. […]