English Grammar Exercises : 10

English Grammar Exercises : 10 Preposition Q.1 A committee was formed to look ……..the memorial A. at B. after✔ C. for D. like E. over Q.2 Rapid technological progress does not create tension…… workers A. among✔ B. within C. between […]

English Grammar Exercises : 9

English Grammar Exercises : 9 Tense  Q.1 he often…….( get up) in the morning when an alarm clock ……..(ring) A. is get up, rings B. got up, rang C. gets up, rings✔ D. gets up, rang Q.2 his tricks……(amuse) everybody […]

English Grammar Exercises : 8

English Grammar Exercises : 8 Tense Q.1 It is the time, he…… ready for school. A. got B. is eating C. gets ✅ D. had got Q.2 A mother …….her children to prosper A. wants ✅ B. is wanting C. […]

English Grammar Exercises : 7

English Grammar Exercises : 7 Voice ( Active voice & Passive Voice ) Q.1 did he do this work ? Ans.was this work done by him. Q.2 has he helped you? Ans.have you been helped by him. Q.3 who has […]


COMPLEX SENTENCE Simple Sentence A simple sentence is one independent clause that has a subject and a verb and expresses a complete thought.? Notice that there are some important requirements for a simple sentence: Must have a subject and a […]

Determiner Question Quiz 02

Determiner Question Quiz


Determiner Determiner is a word that comes before a noun and limits it’s meaning. The most common determiner s are… 1.articles- a, an, the 2-demonstrative adjective-this ,that,these ,those 3- possessive adjective- my,our,your,his,her,its and their 4- adjective of quantity and number- […]