English is a Global Language. It is spoken all over the world. Nowadays English is used everywhere. That means it is used in a large scale in each and every field of life and society.

It’s very necessary for us to know English. Because English is an important subject in the syllabus of our SCHOOLS and COLLEGES.

Grammar Translation Method

This is a method of English Language Teaching.
It is also known as the Classical Method.

It is the oldest method and came in India with British Empire. This method is based on the following two things??

⭕1.  A foreign language can be easily learnt through TRANSLATION.

⭕2.  GRAMMAR is the soul of language.

Procedure of TEACHING

In this method the Text Book occupies an important role. The text book has

  • A. all reading material
  • B. specific vocabulary
  • C. rules of grammar
  • D. each lesson with some new words

The teacher makes meaning of every new word clear to students by translating them into mother tongue.

He reads sentence and translate it into mother tongue. With this, he explaines grammatical rules too.


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